The district is directed by a five-member Board of Supervisors, each is elected to serve a four year term of office. 
The SWCD staff is responsible for carrying out the goals of the District including offering technical assistance to landowners to install conservation practices on their land.  The SWCD staff also administers the Wetland Conservation Act for Morrison County, including the municipalities.
We are represented at the state level by State Representative Ron Kresha and State Senator Paul GazelkaOur Congressional Representatives for this area are Amy Klobuchar, Rick Nolan and Al Franken.
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FarmsteadJuly 1, 1937, the Minnesota Soil Conservation District Law became effective thus paving the way for Soil and Water Conservation District to be established.  With the passing of this law, a State Conservation Committee was established to help organize SWCD’s across the state.  The State Conservation Committee was later changed to the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) which still exists today.  The BWSR is the SWCD’s technical and administrative arm with the main office located in St. Paul.
NEWS RELEASE…….      (04/23/2015)
For over 70 years, Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) have been hard at work for Minnesota’s soil, water, and wildlife. Locally, these districts manage programs that work toward conservation and healthy use and development of our natural resources. “SWCDs are the boots on the ground in local conservation,” BWSR Executive Director John Jaschke explained. “From their understanding of local resource opportunities and challenges to their partnerships with private landowners and other government agencies, they have an invaluable role in helping our state move towards its natural resource goals.” In Minnesota, there are 89 soil and water conservation districts working in both urban and rural settings. “Minnesotans trust their local soil and water conservation districts because they are established members of the community,” LeAnn Buck, Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Executive Director, said. “They provide technical assistance, funding and educational services to help private landowners make informed decisions about managing their lands in a way that helps our soil and water resources.”
Staff & Board Members :
                        SWCD STAFF
Amy Heinen – Intern
Helen McLennan – District Manager
LeaAnn Nouis – Administrative Assistant
Mike Becker – Engineering Technician
Alan Ringwelski – Lead Technician
Lance Chisholm – Water Plan & ACUB Coordinator 
Scott Saehr – Treasurer
Bill Faber – Chairman
Marvin Stangl –  Vice Chairman
Tom Brutscher – Public Relations
Dave Hubner – Secretary
District 1 (Bill Faber):  Motley, Rosing, W & E Scandia Valley, W & E Cushing, Parker, Darling, Green Prairie Townships.
District 2 (Tom Brutscher):  Ripley, Platte, Pulaski, Richardson, Belle Prairie Townships.
District 3 (Scott Saehr):  W & E Little Falls, Agram, Buh, Granite, Leigh Townships.
District 4 (Marvin Stangl):  Pierz, Hillman, Mt. Morris, W & E Bellevue, W & E Buckman, Morrill, Lakin Townships.
District 5 (Dave Hubner):  Culdrum, Pike Creek, Swanville, Swan River, W & E Elmdale, W & E Two Rivers Townships.

CLICK HERE to See:  Morrison SWCD Board Supervisor Boundaries Map

                                                                                                   MISSION STATEMENT
“To provide leadership and direct assistance for conservation management of soil and water.”